Hari Shakti Reflexology & Thai Massage in Bristol
with Jo Harrison

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"I just wanted to say what a great yoga session it was Tuesday. I feel as though I've unlocked & stretched - really looking forward to next week" - Vicky Bristol Nordic walking instructor - Bristol Lifestyle Award.


"Jo Harrison is a highly skilled & experienced Thai Yoga Massage & reflexology angel ...who comes highly recommended by me not just because she is a dear friend & yogini colleague for twenty year's but because she is an awesome therapist" - Uma -Dinsmore-Tulli, founder of Womb Yoga/Yoga Nidra Network.

"Thank you - lovely yoga this morning, really enjoyed the challenge & energetic dynamic bits combining with relaxation meditation " - Julia, yoga student & gardener (Hanham court Gardens )

"Reflexology is amazing, I'm convinced reflexology & diet helped me conceive & carry Lo to term. Surgeon's/endocrinologists all very confused as it should not have been possible with my rare thyroid condition. Thanks Jo! " - Jo, South London Mother.

"Jo darling, thank you for last night - I went twice hurrah, feeling loads better today" - Sam, masseuse - treated for constipation after steroids /post asthma attack.

"Thank you amazing Jo, a wonderful treatment, have felt so relaxed tonight & stayed by my fire" - Nicky ,Bristol - treated for acute arthritis & experiencing great pain.

" Thank you for your energy & help... providing gorgeous treatments and your a joy" - Dory, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Kutir at retreat in Cotswolds where I offer treatments regularly.

"I wanted to thanks for your gift of massage! I just had two quite rough nights with my son teething but I somehow feel totally fine, not that tired & very grounded... I'm sure it is down to your magic hands !" - Marinella, Yoga Teacher.

"Wow Jo ! Amazing treatment, all toxins have definitely been released - thank you so much for your care & attention " - Maz. Teacher

My body feels very ,very...light & relaxed " - Feroza, London."

"I had a great nights sleep & feel really giggly this morning. Thank you for the treatment last night " - Kate, Putney Osteopaths, London

Such a help for me Violet .. was born .. I don't know what you did but my waters broke the next morning - so Yer all good in the hood .. I look forward to introducing you to her" - Mother with new born, Bristol - post reflexology treatment - night time /evening treatment at home..

" My Mum said the massage was amazing - she was raving about it 'each toe'she said" - Michelle, London .

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