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"Thank you amazing Jo, a wonderful treatment, have felt so relaxed tonight & stayed by my fire" - Nicky ,Bristol - treated for acute arthritis & experiencing great pain.

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage - The "Sacred Dance!"

Traditional Thai massage is a treatment that works systematically throughout the whole body using thumb like pressure and palming along the energy lines used in acupuncture and reflexology.

Like yoga it involves stretches and incorporates loosening and limbering movements chosen to match the client’s flexibility. I find it especially fascinating to work on the legs where many significant energy lines meet and where many of us store unaccessed emotions.

Most client’s stay both alert and relaxed throughout a treatment which incorporates many movements - some rhythmical & rocking, others stretches which are slow and releasing.

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Suitable For All

Whilst thought to be only for the fit and healthy, Thai Massage is adaptable to anyone who can lie on the floor or, on their side and is also highly suited to body workers, sports players and people who have very physical jobs. It helps to re-vitalise us on many levels.

I seek to create a warm and safe environment where you are invited to tenderly listen to your body and not overstretch it or endure pain.

The breath is integral to the massage going deeper and on finding resistance I will guide you to release it through breath. Sustained touch offers the chance for you to explore yourself and your body within safe limits and carry what you learn into your practice and life.

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What Happens During Treatment?

The client remains fully and loosely clothed with a session lasting 60 -90 minutes.

Each massage is different according to the client’s body type, mood, receptivity, health and the client’s intention and focus for the treatment... … I want to feel more relaxed, I want my shoulder pain to go, I want to feel more energised. An unspoken dance begins of appealing, coaxing the letting go. Receiving this massage is a chance to thoroughly embrace yourself.

Generally, the massage progresses from feet to head. Some sessions focus on the shoulder, neck and back -common areas of tension; others on the belly or back or face & head but the feet and legs which comprise the main energy lines that feed into the rest of the body are always included. Sometimes I offer to incorporate essential oils or therapeutic herbal compresses.

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Our feet propel us through life, taking us to where we need to go.

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary therapy. It is an amazing way to relax and to discover parts of the body that might be out of balance: these can be stimulated through the right touch to maintain good health. There are more than 7,000 nerve endings in the feet, and by stimulating these reflexes, an internalising balancing effect takes place. Reflexology was practised by the Egyptians and the dynamic content of this ancient therapy remains valuable today. It is practiced worldwide as preventative health care.

It is based on the theory that different points in the feet, hands, face or ears correspond with other areas of the body. The treatment can include work on the hands. Reflexology is a tailored, individual treatment, and is a decisive form of self-nurture; each session begins with discussion of how you are feeling on that day, and people often experience mood enhancement and tension release.

A great way to start is with a relaxing foot bath using gentle herbs. This soothes the nervous system, can reduce localised inflammation and brings increased sensitivity and awareness of the feet. Mood changes are immediately triggered as stress drains and the body feels and reveals its stories. A session is a way to relax and go into a lovely dreaming space, and can promote healthy sleep patterns. It is possible to treat many conditions with reflexology. The interface between the nervous and hormonal system is especially responsive and for this reason I have seen many couples using it as part of a programme to conceive. Being so very deeply relaxed often enhances creative ideas and thought processes: this can inspire us to deal with our problems and sometimes even come up with solutions!

Then gentleness of reflexology is its gift and it can bring great relief to all people in all stages of life. Its touch can soothe a new born baby, help to relieve pain in the delivery room, ease the symptoms of pregnancy and assist in many other significant stages of life, bringing healing through emotional support and balance.

My Reflexology Style

My style has evolved over more than 23 years and now incorporates extensive work on the lymphatic system and spinal reflexes. This aims to reduce stiffness, and the additional stimulation of traditional acupuncture points on the lower leg further aids the healing response. I am currently training in foot health care, and this exploration of the feet from a range of perspectives is an ongoing journey that continues to fascinate me.

Benefits Of Reflexology During Pregnancy

My special, though by no means exclusive, interest is treatment during pregnancy. Much of my work has been with expectant mothers where regular reflexology has relieved anxiety, back ache, heartburn, constipation, nausea, fluid retention, haemorrhoids, leg cramps and insomnia. I am happy to assist your birthing partner to learn key points for pain relief during labour. Reflexology can also speed post-natal healing and promote effective rest. You can hold your baby during the treatment.

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