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Such a help for me Violet .. was born .. I don't know what you did but my waters broke the next morning - so Yer all good in the hood .. I look forward to introducing you to her" - Mother with new born, Bristol - post reflexology treatment - night time /evening treatment at home..

What Is The Gentle Birthing Method?

The Gentle Birth Method has been developed by Dr. Gowri's, an obstetrician/healer, who has encapsulated Ayurvedic knowledge & advice on birth and pregnancy. Her approach to birth and pregnancy has been enjoyed by many woman who have benefitted from her optimism about childbirth as being manageable by all women. Having assimilated a diverse range of therapies the gentle birth method gives women unshakeable trust in their bodies. It includes herbs & diet as well as specific treatments before & after the birth related to releasing the pelvic floor, toning up after birth.

“Reflexology and creative healing massages relieve symptoms commonly experienced during pregnancy, like heartburn, ankle swelling, and sugar cravings. These treatments help eliminate toxins, enhance the placental uptake of nutrients and tone up the uterus for birth" Dr Gowri.

Who Is The Gentle Birthing Method For?

The Gentle Birth Method is a system for mothers- to- be, who want support throughout all stages of their pregnancy, recognising the changes that the woman’s body goes through and which interplays with each woman's diet & lifestyle, expectations and experiences of childbirth. By ‘mothering the mother’; I come to support you in your home before the baby arrives I can give you support in a place where you can drop & relax deeply creating the conditions in which your baby would thrive.

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How Do I Deliver Gentle Birthing Method?

I deliver creative healing treatments combined with reflexology and acupressure - it's gentle and non-invasive style, lies in relaxing tissues that feel congested being essentially focused on the lymphatics. Through working on thickened areas the underlying organs are also affected. You may be experiencing unexplained tenderness & sensitivity around your heart manifesting in pain between your shoulders. Neck strain, or an aching lower back (which are commonly experienced by women carrying the extra weight of a growing baby) as are issues of sleeplessness, irritability & digestive disturbance-gas, bloating, period type pain. This massage heals emotional, physical and mental imbalances through its gentleness.

Meeting the challenges of pregnancy and growing families like anxiety, uncertainty lack of control as well as being overwhelmed at times: contrasted with extremes of joy & contentment. Indicates Fluctuating moods- It helps you find your Rhythm.

What Happens During Treatment?

It is an oil based Massage that is birth focused working on pelvis, sacrum & back, as well as abdomen& sacrum where birthing takes place. This happens after the general treatment. The programme matching gestational changes can address at any point, what ails you. So that you feel buoyant after a treatment more of the time. The fact that it has been modelled on the experiences of many mothers is that it see’s birth as part of a continuum allowing you to feel prepared for anything that can happen.

You will be minimally covered down to your underwear You will be encouraged to change position often as the baby moves the desire to shift soon follows. The treatment can be done lying on your side, sitting up & even with you standing if necessary.it is to be expected at times you will feel exhausted so in need of stillness, serenity often this is a familiar place women recognise in the pre-birth zone.

Exercises can be can prescribed in between treatments so you can feel you are benefitting from making your body feel more comfortable & spacious. I can also work with you to record relaxation practices that are meditation based this assists in allying natural fears & having a positive mind frame around the birth. Rooting in your knowledge of the physiological changes at each stage of pregnancy & birth so you can be calm& present throughout this amazing journey into Motherhood &beyond.

I am happy to be available to women during the unsung parts of pregnancy if you are aware that you can experience post-natal depression, sadness around a previous birth experience, feeding &other unexpected complications that arise from living on planet earth. I feel competent at committing to regular visits. The first few weeks after a baby arrives can be sharp learning curve I can offer you postnatal support that is caring &professional based on my extensive experience. I feel I have certain skills at meeting all your family’s needs allowing for intimacy, at this special time.

Calling on my bag of tricks: Yoga, therapeutic massage, having been a doula & with an extensive background in mental health .I know networking support can bring lightness, compassion nurture for you your loved ones .

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