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Who Am I?

I have worked in health/social care as well as adult education settings. Being a teacher, educator, mentor as well as manager of rehabilitation services. I have experienced great riches from contact with people from all backgrounds moving through their lives with intentions sometimes to effect some change or at least make healthy lifestyle choices. I have great faith in methods I have pursued being able to bring about such changes: through a combination of connecting mind &spirit –with the body as the- starting point.

The body never lies which isn’t to say that we do but rather that it takes advanced communication skills to put into words how we feel & together with tiredness, sometimes physical pain we don’t have the patience or time to explain. By starting a treatment lying down and working together with someone (the practitioner) an unravelling then takes place sometimes chosen words can fly out; expletives deleted! This can be insightful to ourselves! Might be just what is needed but also the start of a resolution to receive a massage more often.

Who Am I & What Can I Do For You. content-img-portrait

How I work & what I can do for you?

My passion for working with pregnant woman came from bedrock of teaching yoga in London to women over a period of 10 years in weekly classes in a hospital setting Kings college University hospital and Guy's teaching hospitals.

What I saw was very positive women were experiencing greater confidence in their bodies reporting measurable benefits of feeling toned, flexible & stronger. The breathing practices were encouraging women there were options to take re pain relief in birthing their babies. Being taught how to relax deeply made them better able to cope with challenges feeling calmer and more in control. Midwives commented that woman who came to the yoga classes were on a different level doing well in labour with less obvious intervention.

Complications in individuals needed more direct approach - sensitivity to a woman's needs, listening to her closely & applied techniques of massage along with programme to follow meant woman could direct where she wanted to go benefiting her & giving the support that honoured her body & wisdom. Together, after following a regime for weeks or months, there was a chance to celebrate the outcome of endeavours a healthy mother and happy, healthy off spring! Reflexology, Thai yoga massage and Gentle Birth Method has incredible scope to give women just what they need.

Touch is the common thread

All that touches us lifts us, mood enhancing elevating energising bringing, clarity, esteem.

I can be there to support you and your family for however long you need it. Some women I still visit & treat as their children grow into youngsters. I believe it is the continuity of this support that means it is very comfortable to reach for help, reinforcement when times are tough, it's an enduring relationship.

My experiences have taught me people are looking for different things.

This is not surprising as we set out to meet our physical and emotional challenges, yet alone the spiritual. We deserve all the help we need, in all that comforts us. Treatments are rewarding on so many levels time is a real gift when we are refreshed we are capable of achieving our best. More efficient at work realistically optimising times when able to work, have a business, a career the time available for this is compressed as children's needs are constant.

Whilst time is a precious commodity, I can provide flexible support, pregnancy guide and well being practitioner leading up to giving birth. Visits can fit around family life, and I can offer back to back treatments for the whole family once a month. It has been known that people have generously offered treatments to their friends. My love of bringing the feminine presence forth so that everyone in the family is met by her strong, capable & purposeful qualities. This is more likely to happen when she is rested & given some space, naturalness .Transition into motherhood pragmatic ... strong emotions to balance alongside others who are in non pregnant form, well intentioned but unaware of what you might be going through, far reaching change without knowing what it might mean. I can at this time give you a choice to feel great in your body, soothing away tensions & tightness that make you feel not able to function, cheerfulness, alert bright lighter, happier can be the results of having a treatment & taking time out for yourself.

Having gone through the experience of birth partner’s often feel a major shift in their emotions how well the birth went and how supportive/useful they perceive themselves to have been can be assisted to transform through Massage ! Having a rest letting go of responsibility and passively surrendering to healing touch, like a Thai massage or reflexology treatment can be just what is needed. To carry on giving unconditional love & feeling appreciated.

Why Me?

I have done this work for many years, know that it works and that now is the time to invite more people to receive it.

In my childhood I realised I had natural talent in healing others with my hands. I was brought up as the youngest child in a family which held a strong commitment to care for others and as part of my education, exploration & adventuring in the world I found that energetically, electrically & magically I have always had a fascination for the body. Since then I have been learning, refining and bringing together a number of complementary body based healing techniques.

Following my own personal enquiry into the body I have learnt valuable skills and followed a calling to develop & teach this body/spirit connection. To share this, to help take clients beyond the mundane to the bliss level of being.

My Approach

In essence, my approach is calm, friendly, enquiring, gentle & kind. I have a great deal of respect for honouring the body and what it reveals. Our bodies’ intelligence unfolds over time and reveals more and more. My role is to observe within this dynamic, the client’s feeling’s, intellect and mind body connection and intuit what that body needs. The sacred dance where it wants to go in movement. Having trust, letting go & staying open.

I have a natural gift in making people feel comfortable & a safe pair of hands to help reveal their truth. The depth of knowing our path is to connect with our roots - life is directly drawn from the earth, life is within everything we touch. Everything is alive & filled with a radiant energy which you can feel.

The techniques I have learnt have anchored me, I have fallen in love with them and working from the notion that from the feet one can access the whole body. I realise not everyone feels this about their feet!!!

Adult Education

My work in in adult education has been based on a deeply sensed & intuitive wisdom experienced through my body & emotions. I didn’t just teach yoga but worked in Skills, Life & Enterprise as well as what was previously called Community work; literacy, storytelling, drama & puppetry. I have also been a job coach for people on Job seekers allowance (JSA).


Reflexology and birthing

Master of the Association of Reflexologists -2001,
Hand reflexology (Kristine Walker)-1997,
Maternity reflexology (Susan Enzer) -2005,

Gentle birth method (Gowri Motha.) -2008
Doula - Federation of antenatal teachers- 2010


Teacher training Satyananada yoga centre UK -2000,
British Wheel Yoga Pregnancy yoga teacher -2003,
Yoga for Children -2004
Prison Phoenix Trust teacher -2007

Traditional Thai massage

Diploma course 2000,
Krisnatakkis Sunshine Network of Thai Masseuses -2015.

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