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Reflexology, Thai Massage and The Gentle Birthing Method

A little about me

My background is in years of interest in practicing healing arts starting with yoga/reflexology in my 20’s, later being drawn to Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and believing that ancient knowledge and wisdom which it imparts is closely aligned with the needs we all have.

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My Background

I have a background in health, education, social care and community. I am qualified and have over 30 years of experience to support people as they change and grow; to help them enjoy their unique natural state and celebrate this individuality and extend beyond themselves to find what touches others.

I am highly adaptable at meeting people’s needs who and where ever they are. A lot of my work has been with people in the process of transformation and I have worked in prisons, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, day centres and community mental health centres.I have a mental health specialism training & professional body I am registered with.

Reflexology and Birthing

After qualifying as a Master of the Association of Reflexologists in 2001 I undertook further training and practice in maternity and hand reflexology and developed my knowledge base on couple fertility and IV pregnancy. I used these skills alongside the Gentle Birth Method approach which I learnt in 2008 in a remarkable training led by Gowri Motha who comes from a medical background with an openness to embrace complementary therapies including hypnosis, yoga, reflexology & acupressure. The method matches appropriate massage with specific stages of development of the mother & baby and supports a unique experience of optimum health & joyful vitality. Receiving clients from her as a recommended practitioner has kept me very busy in last ten years and I love meeting amazing people who have committed to investing in their health, wellbeing & families. In 2010, I also qualified with the federation of antenatal teachers as a doula and support women through labour and beyond.


After training as a Bihar & Satyananada Yoga teacher in 2000 I undertook further trainings in yoga pregnancy, children’s yoga and as a teacher in Prison’s. I taught for over ten years at London’s Kings College & St. Thomas Hospital. Teaching yoga continues to be rich & fulfilling with Yoga Nidra a deep relaxation meditation emerging as the most popular technique amongst my students. I am available for Yoga therapy 1:1 or you are welcome to join one of my weekly classes in Bristol for all levels.

Traditional Thai Massage

My love for Traditional Thai massage which began with a training in 2000 is complementary to my skills as a yoga teacher, reflexologist and birth companion and continues to evolve. Thai massage lends itself to all body types, the many stretches and points to work on generate deep relaxation aptly described as a meditation.

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