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Reflexology / Traditional Thai massage / Gentle Birth Method Pregnancy / Post Birth Massage.

Reflexology is an amazing foot treatment . A way to relax & go into a lovely dreaming space as well as to discover parts of the body that might appear out of balance which can be stimulated gently or firmly( depending on choice) through touch to return you to a state of good health.This can also include work on the hands. A great way to start is with a relaxing foot bath using gentle soothing herbs reflecting your requirements often a chance to soothe the nervous system reduce inflammation and bring increased awareness of the feet .My style has evolved since I first started as a reflexologist many years ago to incorporate work on lymphatics on the top of the foot lots, loosening up of the spinal reflexes and stimulation of some of the traditional acupunture points to aid the healing response.Having practiced yoga for many years I am reassured that self care excercises can have a great effect on improving flexibility,tone and the sense that our foundations to the ground are solid . Freedom in the ankles and a confident stride can make one feel like you are walking on air ! My interest of feet has lead me to searching via experiencing rolfing ,nordic walking and presently further training in foot health care -- Not sure people want to know this about me ???
Propelling us through life and taking us where we need to go is important as is the experience of letting someone else hold and receive our trust .Having experienced a treatment a time to be supported and cared for often a client will tell me they feel good. Creative thoughts and solutions come in during the treatment and sometimes ,a sense of readiness for greater opportunities for nourishment having made time. Whilst working a lot with pregnant women( sometimes their partners and on occasions wider families ) I hear often from clients having given birth that the regular treatments they had gave so much value to preparing them for big life changes. ADD Testimonial here
My perception is that reflexology is surprisingly welcomed,( once ?) experienced by anyone who is facing change's generally; Perhaps through aiming to reach acceptance, over an important transition time of decision which touch swiftly delivers and wanting to feel safe reassured in one's Soul !!!!It is possible to treat many conditions with reflexology the overlap between the nervous and endocrine/hormonal system is especially effectively dealt- responds particularly well( ? )with not surprisingly since there are more than 72,000 nerve endings in the feet more than in the hands or face - a remarkable fact. Therefore by stimulating endings an internalising balancing effect takes place this is an ancient art practiced by the Egyptians seen in pyramids hyraglifics (Sp) For this reason a treatment during pregnancy and some of the challenges that come at this time can relieve anxiety, back ache, heartburn, constipation ,nausea, fluid retention ,hemorrhoid's ,leg cramps ,insomnia . Making Pregnancy... can be experienced as a special state of good health.

Around Birth there could be better preparedness for birth room ,reduced likelihood of induction: encouraging labour on time, with a well -positioned baby & a shorter labour ;having reflexology from a familiar person can be used as a strategy for pain relief it can be used in conjunction with a water birth or just about anywhere you choose- could be whilst you are still at home prior to hospital .It is mobile ! needs no special equipment . Just that it feels right in that moment for the mother.

Post natal recovery it can be used to speed healing .promotes effective rest, and eases the emotional transition to motherhood, including enjoying your baby by having someone attend to your needs appreciating the baby will want to be held during the treatment by probably no one other than you keeping that close bond. BABY pics here mother and Babe.

Lots room for AOR official LOGO foot map picture /baby foot / a pair of feet . see all Photos sent in email lots new borns silly pics babies that have arrived . Put about trail promo here..... special offers art work Webhealer library .

The strength that reflexology offers is deep relaxation -Boosting energy levels-giving you 'time out'- Why not book yourself or a friend a treatment now/today ? hyper link find a practitioner AOR straight to me.

Traditional Thai Yoga massage also called the" Sacred Dance !" Having practised Thai massage on many people's bodies I know this massage has incredible potential to shift stagnation and move people through injuries and produce lasting effects of a greater tension release
. .Whilst rumored to be for the fit & healthy ,Thai massage coming from humble origins(practiced by Bhuddist monks and offered in villages of Thailand as a community approach to manual toil of working in the fields as farmers ) is suited to anyone who can lie on the floor( or, on their side) and appreciate hands on work.Fully clothed means a good contact, clothes that feel loose are worn . The practitioner uses a combination of stretches (suited to someone's natural range of movement and not beyond it !) as well as acupressure alongside rocking rhythmical movements by shimming the body using my hands , what can be experienced is a ' bobbing on water '(so very pleasurable and profound ) definitely inspired by the natural land/sea 's of Greece/Thailand. I have been told the experience of the massage is elemental & deeply transforming .
The yoga element is the application of yoga postures that facilitate letting go , flexibility& flow and feeling this harmony in the body is what gives the beauty of sensations of being gently stretched in a way that is comfortable/comforting. to the participant .It gives a desirable perception a total freedom of movement as well as a pace and rhythm as the sequence progresses that well, simply feels beautiful.

The massage has been abbreviated into what is considered a shoulder,neck and back treatment/work on the belly,back all manner of combinations. However, the basics are working through the feet and legs, the major energy lines that feeds into the rest of the body continuing up the front of the torso to out stretched arms and hands massage travels essentially from the feet to the head .
Later on in the massage back lines that reflect the front energy lines / are touched working into the occiput (?) back of the neck, head and eventually the face receives, the fine touch of pressure relieving points that allows simply frown and worry lines of indignation ! to fade away -this definitely feels like the finishing touch !
That this could be called a beauty treatment is that in what follows post massage is a glowing look of radiance. A debrief usually an animated talk about what happened in the massage,is given by the person, recipient before it's even enquired / asked for ! this seems to follow naturally : the outcome of the close contact with the masseuse showing sensitivity and gentle kindness towards the/ their body, through having respecting the body's feedback subtle mechanisms is a bubbling of ....excitement(?)

In general this unique & ancient massage gives a profound & deep relaxation, over and above what can be experienced in daily life in the time we have available to unwind/relax at the end of our day ! even a one off treatment can give sustaining benefits like improved concentration, sensitivity and sometimes a relief that an opportunity to rest gives us - that all is well.

Rather than feeling the key to relaxation having been lost as new parents might feel forever ! this massage gives the experience & opportunity that it can be found !what a Gift .TYM is .....

Thai massage helps release blockages that can lead to conditions like arthritis, stiff limbs embolden sub heading main message about TYM Check language here isn't too much jargon terminology that people can't follow . What do they get >>>>>> Thai Massage is very experiential for person enabling what we see in others that which we see in ourselves .. Takkis school in Greece .self healing . soothing precise sensitive to others needs which means massage goes deeper. Use of my intuition & perception of what that person needs it is not off the peg ! it Comes from the Heart . to their heart .

Don't have many testimonials on Thai but could get some more see one from Uma she said awesome ask Vigs .

I further my interest in this massage by learning from different teachers one of the oldest schools in the UK The school of Thai Yoga Massage was where I first trained in 2001 .Fifteen years later I learnt from Takkis who like other great followers of the eminent teachers of this massage is looking to incorporate wider knowledge currently visceral/fine scapula techniques. This massage is suitable for pregnant women and is appreciated as energising at all stages of exceptancy ! observing principals of optimal baby positioning It is highly adaptable side lying late stages or seated form . In pre-natal yoga classes I have seen the clear overlap of benefits what people valued the most from their yoga was stretching that encouraged openess and receptivity. Birthing a baby is about - being in the body . not about escaping but breathing consciously to overcome barriers providing a richer state of vibrancy.
Being energised & re vitalized are lasting effects from a Thai Massage - this is what people enthuse about strap line WHY not try it my clinic BS 10/BS20 or your home /office.

PICTURE of Thai Massage see images 8/08/17 ! following few leads pic of me Thai pants squash on head might convey right image ? could be YV image of Garuda. devotional statue Nepal. . A man .. father image receiving post birth Ask JOE Mari's partner 15/08/17. further testimonial...

GENTLE BIRTH METHOD emboldened her - BIRTH preparation in depth that gives unshakeable trust in bodies abilities to have a baby & enjoy first months into Motherhood ... or make it an even better more positive experience than last time !PICTURE of NEWBORNS Baby in Italy with black hair BEA with babe in arms .

The Gentle Birth Method developed by Dr. Gowri's an obstetrician/healer upon arriving in London from India encapsulated the ayurvedic knowledge & advice on birth and pregnancy ,( in her popular books"Gentle Birth Method "...& " The First Year". as well as meeting this impressive person & being inspired educated by her ) her approach to birth and pregnancy has been ... enjoyed many woman who have benefitted from her optimism about childbirth as being manageable by all women as a natural state once empowered through support and the application of massage & herbs that tone and support woman will start to feel strong in their bodies.

The Gentle Birth Method is a system for mothers- to- be, who want support throughout all stages of their pregnancy this process of recognising the changes that the womans body goes through interplays with each woman's diet & lifestyle ,expectations and experiences of childbirth I am recognised as practioner having done her training I have experience of meeting women where they are, accommodating their needs .. Given them the right kind of support main features of a Creative healing treatment combined with reflexology, acupressure that I incorporate from my background are it's gentle and non-invasive style being' hand's on', stroking use of lots of oil smooth sliding ,gliding . relaxing tissues that feel congested you will experience this as unexplained tender areas or specific known about knots as in the shoulders & neck or an aching lower back . This massage through it's gentleness heals on the emotional, physical and mental .

strap line emboldened Mind & spirit connects instincts .. Validate, motivate, initiate and celebrate from within... women's bodies. Natural curves & wisdom of woman's body to transform .

PICTURE of pregnant Woman receiving oily massage from me !
Using mixture of reflexology, visualisations- Meditations that calm & set clear intention for the birth as happening ,dietary guidance( includes use of herbs that are safe whilst being pregnant ) , and specific treatments related to the Creative healing method. according to Joseph B Stephenson the originator of this approach & Gowri's main influence the body is encouraged through his techniques to function normally both the tissues &the organs .Any Creative healer simply needs to have 'willing hands & a loving heart ' GBM method in it's essence helps the mother's immune system through extensive work on lymphatics this is done via Lymphatic drainage techniques experienced as rubbing strumming application of direct but light pressure on spots ...... Keys areas always treated in the General treatment done each time we meet covers areas like pelvis /sacrum lower & upper back across the top of the shoulders, in between the shoulders blades, abdomen as well as reducing inflammation that can occur at anytime that can be as a result of blotedness digestion can often need a tune up .Whilst you are covered ,minimally with a towel the massage is discreet you keep your underwear on . This gives a freedom to.....allow the mother to relax , a great sense of ease in her body . acceptance of Otherliness !since most women will experience intervention in birth room . I can teach you how to do perineal pre- stretching & after birth toning excercises along with further support. seeing women after they have given birth is a rare opportunity to de brief but also give tailored massage to re energise & heal . MAYBE don't go there ! Note to self

During a treatment from me...
you will always made to feel comfortable shifting position often is important as no pregnant woman seems to enjoy being still for too long . I encourage getting into a stance that feels right you are two . Vital to getting full range of benefits is that everyone is included (? ) needs met needing to pee frequently or if experiencing pain ,discomfort means you will not appreciate the sacredness of this time that you have made for yourself . Some sitting some lying if in need of rest seems to be best this alters as energy levels shift depending on your busy schedule.

This programme can be started at any stage although the relationship that develops/unfolds leads to pregnancy being experienced with minimal discomfort buoyant. Good for common disturbances of gas period type pains ,sickness constipation sore shoulders neck. fatigue,worries . meeting challenges ..... of pregnancy and growing families like anxiety,sleep issues,irritability lack of control as well as an excess of Joy,overwhelm. In a body that is transforming at its own pace ! Baby's not coming on time .
" Reflexology and creative healing massages relieve symptoms commonly experienced during pregnancy ,like heartburn, ankle swelling, and sugar cravings. These treatments help eliminate toxins ,enhance the placental uptake of nutrients and tone up the uterus for birth" Gowri says.
Can offer a yoga programme......
I went onto to train as a doula (Greek word for Birth attendant) having been alongside some mothers on their journey it seemed a natural step when asked to go into the birth room Here I really saw how the preparedness of Gentle Birth Method Mothers came into their own .

Mention was a pregnancy yoga teacher for 20 years so can give a range of asanas and pranayamas make user friendly that help combat areas where there is a feeling of fear of injury or past accidents doing Yoga is encouraged as keeping body supplicant flexi and strong in right combo for that woman to be like an OX or bear or cub !.

seeing the confidence and innate trust these individuals had in their bodies , fully utilising the breath. Gave them a great sense of being allowed to fulfill their potential .FEDANT the Federation of Antenatal Educators I became a doula training in Bristol,2008 . I can supply your birth testimonials available on request FAITH .. OTHER pictures here of new borns... babies feet photo AOR pic in sheepskin. Testimonials from jo fureaux.. about treatments & support through pregnancy what it gave them.

ABOUT ME see who my clients have been email... what draws me to this work Shakti I love supporting people in an environment that works best for them and their emerging families leaving late at night, early starts Saturday and Sunday mornings ! Babies born at Night. partners at home a friend is available to take care. to feed to nurture encourage cajole siblings to sleep . Motivate another career as mentor specialising in MH depression trauma loss sadness this has assisted me to care for people with others when things have gone wrong, having to deal with the unexpected . post natal depression ,more than to blues ...it is not taboo to talk about raise the issues of panic attacks ,prolific dreams that can be dramatic shattering...upon waking up affecting someone's day .

see after next paragraph next bit.. ABOUT ME...

I have my own clinic in Bristol which is open Saturday-Tuesday However,outside of these times if you would like me to visit you at Home I am happy to do this .
I work in London Thursday -Friday all my contact is through home visits so ideally good public transport links ! - sometimes clients with busy days reserve a treatment in the evening before going to bed this also allows a quiet time in the house.Mornings can be good too !Once a month I do a weekend in London -last one in the month. School holidays I have increased availability to meet needs of parents who take time of work .
ABOUT ME added 10/08/17

Yvonne.... Who am I ?
My background is in years of interest in practicing healing arts starting with yoga/reflexology in my twenties later being drawn to Traditional Thai Yoga Massage believing that ancient knowledge and wisdom it imparts is able to keep up with the needs of the present day....( dynamic nature of ancient wisdom ).I have worked in health/social care as well as adult education settings .Being an teacher ,educator , mentor as well as manager of rehabilitation services. Meant I have had contact with people in many different settings from those in long stay institutions to those in process of leaving . As well as individuals on the path to recovery from acute illnesses can be mental health related issues to those facing chronic diagnosis medical, social models quite literally a fixed prison sentence .Those starting a fresh in recovery ,seizing learning opportunity to those with a new born in their arms for the first time facing the journey of parenthood.

I feel I have experienced great riches from contact with people from all backgrounds moving through their lives with intentions sometimes to effect some change or at least make healthy lifestyle choices . I have great faith in methods I have pursued being about to bring about changes through the combination of connecting mind &spirit .
My passion for working with pregnant woman came from bedrock of teaching yoga in London to women over a period of ten years weekly classes in a hospital setting Kings college University hospital and Guy's teaching hospital . What I saw was very positive women were experiencing greater confidence in their bodies reporting measurable benefits of feeling toned, flexible & stronger. The breathing practices were encouraging women there were options to take re pain relief in birthing their babies . being taught how to relax deeply made them better able to cope with challenges feeling calmer and more in control Midwives commented that woman who came to the yoga classes were on a different level doing well in labour with less obvious intervention .My spirits soared at this but individual complications needed more direct approach sensitivity to a woman's needs-listening to her closely & applied techniques of massage along with programme to follow meant woman could direct where she wanted to go benefiting her & giving the support that honoured her body & wisdom. Together after following a regime for weeks or months there was a chance to celebrate the outcome of endeavours a healthy mother &happy &healthy off spring !Reflexology, Thai yoga massage and gentle birth method has incredible scope to give women just what they need.

How I work &what I can do for you ?
Touch is the common thread ... all that touches us lifts us mood enhancing elevating energising bringing , clarity ...esteemed . I can be there to support you (your family ) for however long you need it .Some women I still visit & treat as their children grow into youngsters . I believe it is the continuity of this support that means it is very comfortable to reach for help ,reinforcement when times are tough, it's an enduring relationship.

My experiences have taught me people are looking for different things .This is not surprising as we set out to meet our physical and emotional challenges ,yet alone the spiritual ! we deserve all the help we need,in all that comforts us. Treatments are rewarding on so many levels time is a real gift when we are refreshed we are capable of achieving our best. More efficient at work realistically optimizing times when able to work , have a business, a career the time available for this is compressed as children's needs are constant Whilst time is a precious commodity I can provide flexible support pregnancy guide and well being practitioner leading up to giving birth . Visits that fit around family life. Back to back treatments -whole family once a month can provide a solution.

My love of bringing the feminine presence forth so that everyone in the family is met by her ,strong, capable & purposeful. Can only.... is more likely to happen when she is rested & given some space,......naturalness .Transition into motherhood pragmatic ... strong emotions to balance alongside others who are in non pregnant form, well intentioned but unaware of what you might be going through, far reaching change without knowing what it might mean. I can at this time....give you change to feel great in your body .. soothed tensions tightness that make you feel crock !not able to function . cheerfulness alert bright lighter ..happier for some late pregnancy is a time when they feel best they have ever felt expectancy of change that has long been sought to become ... experience boundless love of...

In order to know how I work in more detail I am happy to talk through any of these treatments . mostly a session lasts 60-90 minutes you don't need to provide anything a parking space is never denied.extra cushions/bolsters etc give added comfort ! partners and small babies are delightful in the background it is possible to have reflexology after giving birth/hospital bed.Make your needs known . I operate a 24 hrs cancellation policy but in case of women seeking reflexology/massage at late stages of pregnancy I can be understanding of the immediacy of birth . Fees per session as follows:- Reflexology 60 mins £42
Thai Massage 60 Mins £60
Reflexology/Creative healing for Pregnancy 90 minutes, recommended £78. For home visits extra charge to cover travel depending on zone £5-15 this will be discussed before booking .London/Bristol.

look at special offers for existing customers .Introductions ....packages 5 treatments combined ... Gift vouchers. Maps for locations Isobel BS20 0QH intro trials, parking £20 reflexology session , book in for Wednesday slots 9am-8pm last session. see Feetup.co.uk

AOR find a practitioner/ Gentle birth method Link /Sunshine Network Thai masseuses accredited. SYC specialist W Teasdill Pregnancy Yoga teacher .Relaxed Birth & Parenting FEDANT birth educator -Doula.

keep client focused speak their language clear what you can do for them Why you ! avoid jargon. Its all about them ! Enthusiasm Dedication avoid too much info . TESTIMONIALS interspersed throughout 5 pages . Listened to ... network others... Left feeling Lasting benefits recommend friendly instantly comfortable speak about feelings shadow Unburdened. Cared for ...as good as family/sister/mother... Missing follow up seen beyond birth into second child Kate Putney Osteopaths .. Uma Womb Yoga( Note To Sam Gifted ...) Yoga Kutir Dory..

the feet [replace with a little about you and your personal style]

I work at clinics in Henbury, ...., .... which are easily accessable from ... and ....(mention specific places to get listed widely on search engines)

If you are experiencing conditions such as ..., ..., ... then please feel free to contact me, as I may very well be able to help

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